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AXSED Industrial Design Process服务项目 Service Provided
项目说明 Project Description

AXSED provides customers with compliant and efficient industrial design

  • Clinical Requirements/In-depth Dialogue/Productization Appeals/Conceptual Design.

  • Information Construction/Process Design/Usability Setting in Risk Management.

  • Electromechanical Layout and Safety Assessment/Quality Assessment.

  • Design Scheme/R&D and Re-input Work of Medical Devices .

  • Selection and Integration/Structural Design & Framework Design.

  • Manufacture, Inspection, Analysis and Discussion of Figure Model.

  • Clinical Research/Quality Assurance/Statute Guarantee/Evaluation of Re-input Information such as Usability Risks, etc.

  • Modification and Refinement of Industrial Design/ Analysis and Design of Industrial Engineering.

  • Design and Evaluation of GUI Interactive Interface.

  • CMF and Screening Printing Files/Products’ Surface Treatment and Prototype Process Files.

  • Cost Assessment/ Supplier Quality and Project Management/Prototype Inspection and Machine Installation.

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