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Model & Prototype Production

With all kinds of models quickly sampled, produced, several professional model manufacturers cooperate to fuel the design and verification. Experienced and professional technicians of production and assembly ensure efficient ability to produce and convert. During the process of prototype production, the problems related to design can be found timely, and fed back to the design team efficiently, so that the design output can be seamlessly linked to the final mass production.

  • Stencil Graffiti building simulation.

  • Model production testing.

  • Prototype debugging.

  • Fast correspondence.

Supplier Management

Complete, high-quality supply chain can meet diverse requirements of production swiftly, and reduce the cost of maintenance so as to decline the development budget.

Strict rules for selection of suppliers guarantee the high quality of products and conforms to the requirements of registration for medical devices and, therefore, ensure the all-round representation of functions and significance.

  • Medical Consumption.

  • Model Production.

  • Sheet-metal Production.

  • Injection Molding.

  • Standard Components Purchase.

  • Unit Processing.

  • Sterilization Service.

Agile Project Management

With regulations as the precondition, during the life-long management of the project ranging from concept to production, AXSED shortens the period of development effectively, and reduces the total cost and risks.

The employment of multiple tools for management provides the optimal plan, makes full use of resources with efficient implementation, offering the management convincing facts to make decisions.

Abundant experience of managing various types of projects sets the stage for converting summary into enterprise wealth.

  • Agile Development and Management.

  • Risk Thinking Management.

  • Compliant Projects Development.

  • Professional , Efficient, Reasonable.

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