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Interaction Design & Cognitive Psychology

Interface Interaction based on Cognitive Psychology is to follow the law of cognition, and then create more convenient habits in using and operation so as to achieve the goal of being smoother, easier and safer:

  • Interaction Design is dedicated to researches on interactive process between users and products.

  • Interaction Design focuses on the interaction between humans, humans and products, as well as humans and settings.

  • Good Interaction Design should be humanistic and respect human value.

  • Psychology, a subject that studies human minds and behaviors and analyze human interaction to understand them through scientific methods.

  • Cognitive Psychology researches mainly on people’s higher psychological processes—cognitive processes, such as visual perception and attention, memory and concept, language, thinking and reasoning, etc.

  • Research methods of Cognitive Psychology includes experimental cognitive psychology, cognitive neuropsychology, computational cognitive science, and cognitive neuroscience, among which experimental cognitive psychology is mainly applied in Interface Interaction.

  • Combining Psychology with Design to Create Products Suitable for People and Design to Change People's Behavior

UI & Cognitive Psychology under Usability Eva

UID from the perspective of Cognitive Psychology makes information conveyed between human and machines more complete and smoother. By studying the user's cognitive habits, such as language representations easier to understand, forms easier to memorize, and operations easier to learn, so as to reduce the usage of cognitive resources. As far as the human brain, the less cognitive resources are used, the less cognitive conflicts there will be, so is the sense of frustration.

  • Interface Interaction: how to convey messages to users, how users express needs, what is users’ goal.

  • UID requires comprehensive application of multiple disciplines and knowledge of users’ physical and mental characteristics, cognitive development and actual needs, and apply them to the functions and forms of products.

  • Cognitive Psychology offers Interface Interaction fundamental design principles.

  • Cognitive Psychology lays scientific foundations for Interface Interaction in studying users’ personality and behavior, and user modelling.

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