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Product Structure and Process Design

AXSED provides high-quality and reasonable structural design services. Basing on customers’ actual demands and enterprise positioning, we also take the use environment into consideration, users’ psychological and functional requirements, combining with industrial design schemes, to do objectively researches on products’ functions and structures, and ultimately provide enterprises with the optimal solution. We also verify the structural schemes most objectively and efficiently, as well as shorten the R&D period and reduce its cost.

Institutional and Automatic Development

AXSED provides professional development modes in line with ISO13485 QMS (Quality Management System) of medical devices, powerful and reliable institutional design and automatic development to guarantee the stable operation. Also, AXSED helps enterprises to enhance technological advantages, lower development cost, assists them in formulating technical standards, compiling development documents and provides professional development and consultancy for the applications to Registration Certificate of Medical Devices.

Electrical Design PLC Programming and Commissioning - Electrical Design

Taking the pro-phase electrical layout into consideration, we provide design and advice of layout in line with electromagnetic compatibility standards of YY 0505 for medical electrical devices, offering strong support to the following EMC inspection.

Factors Affecting the Marketability of Medical Devices - GB9706

Basing on the GB9706 standard, we offer not only counsel to medical electrical safety of devices, but the efficient PLC programming service of high quality, as well as the optimized program for operation with appropriate thinking on design. Our professional and experienced technicians of electrical commissioning can feedback rapidly and debug the device to the optimal and most stable state at the fastest speed.

Factors Affecting the Marketability Of Medical Devices

AXSED provides professional Industrial Design(ID), which is an inter-discipline involving market and strategy, research and analysis, development and testing, human-machine interaction, as well as product iteration. The essence of industrial design is to study the combination of human-centered marketing, ethics, engineering and aesthetics, and finally output high-quality commodities which can be produced on a large scale and also meet the demands of market and the needs of human. 

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