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Definition of Usability

Usability:(ISO 9241-11)

Effectiveness: Accuracy and integrity achieved by users when using the system to accomplish tasks.

Efficiency: Resources consumed by users to accomplish tasks with regard to accuracy and integrity.

Satisfaction: Subjective response, comfort, and recognition of the system.

Usability Evaluation —— User-centered Scientific Research

  • Testing.

  • Inspection.

  • Inquiry.

Usability Emphasizes UX

Usability, with an emphasis on user-centered design, pays attention to user experience. It is based on usefulness, convenience, friendliness, and security so as to raise brand trust and develop users’ loyalty. Usability Evaluation focuses on facts and the establishment of appraisal system. It makes clear the user-centered concept, research and analyse in users’ case.

While usability testing, as the most important method of usability evaluation, objectively quantifies the users’ feelings towards using various attributes and procures the design situation effectively so as to achieve high-level and detailed design.

Usability Testing

  • Judging whether a given product satisfies the needs and preferences of the intended users. 

  • Representative users use the product to perform representative tasks, thereby revealing the advantages of interaction as well as opportunities for improvement.

  • During the process of product development, formative usability testing should be performed as soon as possible and frequently. 

  • Summative testing verifies the safety of products from the perspective of interactive design.

  • The sample size of usability test is, in general, 8-25, and usually 12-15.

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