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This system is the first tissue bank cleaning-control system in China and is applied in the field of vitro preservation and transplantation of autologous organs. The complaint layout of top-level device is already discussed in the preliminary stage of R&D. Firstly, the device covers a large area. Secondly, it needs loading the consumables frequently. Thirdly, the maintenance personnel who participate in the loading of consumables fail to be controlled. Last but not least, unrelated personnel may contact the core institution and result in some related risks. However, thanks to the study of many layout structures, we finally find that a maintenance channel can be formed in the middle of the loop structure devices. Also, the loop structure covers a small area, and combined with the setting up of the access control for the maintenance entrance, we can isolate the visitors from the maintenance personnel so as to reduce the possibility of contacting the devices by unrelated personnel, thus reducing the risks in the process of operation.

From the view of quality management whole process system, Tyvek is the breathable material and easy to produce static, which cause the consequence when the vacuum sucker absorbs Tyvek, it may absorb two pieces of it or even more. But there is no relevant testing during its production process, leading to the damaged heat seal in the following process. After doing research on its physical property, we find that Tyvek is thin in depth and easy for light to penetrate. Also, its depth and weight per unit area are within a certain range.

According to its physical property, we develop a process to test it after its absorption. We add the laser transmission sensor and weighing sensor to the hardware and modify the program to test its thickness and weight. Through the methods mentioned above, we can ensure that there is only one piece of Tyvek access to the following process so as to prevent the heat seal from being damaged.

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AXSED医疗器械工业设计-Dental digital intelligent sampling spoon iTRAY
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AXSED医疗器械工业设计-Equip. for certifying electrical Safety SECUTEST
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