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Project Description

The advantages of the eflow®CS nebulizer lie in the extremely short working time, quiet operation, and high portability. It combines the innovative piezoelectric technology and design ideas of the aerosolized drugs with small bottles. The whole design and development process carry out the research on compliance usability engineering and user testing, and adhere to the innovation and technological breakthrough driven by human factors/availability, and carry out agile, compliant project management of R&D. The product design studies and attaches great importance to the potential needs and risks of medical devices from elder patients as well as the targeted handicapped users. After fully integrating the risk assessment of R&D, we develop a series of intelligent nebulization products with fool-proofing operation. After opening the top cover, and then, we put the bag containing aerosolized drugs inside and close it by rotating the cap. At length, the bag automatically open, and the drug which can be dissolved by gases will trickle over the nebulizer piezoelectric film. After starting the nebulizer, the drug begins nebulizing quietly by vibrating the membrane.

In terms of usability and risk, relevant researches and tests have been carefully done in the process of design and development. They show that its cap can only be screwed in one direction. And the strict design process of human-machine/human factors engineering ensures the safety and understanding of the elderly as well as the patients. The design of the cap is easy to use with special structure and can be fully locked within 1/4 circumferences.       


What’s more, this whole product can be easily cleaned by users themselves due to the easycare design of nebulization cap, so is the removable voltage film. As to the reset of voltage film, study and test of usability are also carried out, which ensures the risk-free placements and the operation of medical devices as expected.

The whole product adopts dual-injection process, thus endowing it with the ability to tolerant repeated disinfection.

The innovative series of eFlow Rapid nebulization is used for the treatment of respiratory diseases. To a large extent, the R&D design focuses on the top-level design centered on human-beings. It can not only satisfy the patients’ human needs but also endow users with safety, effectiveness, especially the advanced requirements, rapid inhalation therapy. By virtue of a separate and fast-pluggable nebulizer nozzle, it is quite convenient for daily disinfection and sterilization with high frequency. 

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