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Dental digital intelligent sampling spoon iTRAY Service Provided
Project Description

Dental digital sampling spoon iTRAY is an intelligent high-technology. Personalized 3-D scans of teeth and jaws are obtained by micro-cameras and the information is recorded. The function of the product is based on entirely new technology, while the most important advantage is to automatically record the position between jaws and procure complete information for analysis. The product is better accepted because it adopts the classical sampling method, but there no longer exists the trouble of re-sampling which is frequently encountered in the classical method for that digital sampling can avoid invalid data collection. In addition, iTray can also be used with pressing materials to produce a physical sample parallel to the electronic sampling file. The process has carried out an in-depth study basing on the needs of dentists and patients and how to obtain the reliable and acceptable products. The streamline and dynamic surface not only provide high-quality holding sense of human engineering, but also achieve the modern design language. The precise position of thumbs, hands, and forefingers to operate the opening switch is attained by usability testing. The comfortable holding sense and skid resistance are acquired by the design of angles between the spoon body and the handle.

The product is made of carbon fiber with light weight and high strength, and the periphery of the display unit is designed with metal chrome frame to obtain the overall texture and reliable design language. The upper and lower parts of the scan button are made of soft rubber, so they can bring us comfortable holding sense and prevent sliding as well.

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Dental digital intelligent sampling spoon iTRAY iTRAY Dental digital intelligent sampling spoon iTRAY
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