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Precision Dental Jawbone Articulator ANDROID Service Provided
Project Description

Android Dental Jawbone Articulator is a highly-precise machine, highly-simulated simulating the structure, function and motion performance of human temporomandibular joint, offering the innovation solution required by developing dental implants. It can be customized to set the optimal position of the tooth to finally achieve the sense of chewiness without pain. The mandibular end of occlusal frame can be removed and used directly into human face to get the personalized dissecting data so as to gain the accurate motion data. At the same time, mandibular plaster denture fixed on the dental articulator helps the maxillary frame open and close to match the test. Finally, following the taper principle, the upper and lower sides of the plaster model are fixed to the dental articulator. The design meets the needs of joint movement, lightweight structure and adjustment and measurement in function. The design parameters come from the detailed analysis on the relevant usability of anthropotomy and ergonomics, including the design of screws, joint and angle.

The design ensures the operability and comfort when adjusting the screws. The intuitive operation in accordance with cognition can accurately control the orbit of movement and the placement angle of the lower jaw.

The open structural design of the whole machine makes it efficient and comfortable when turning it upside down. The whole machine is made up of  medical stainless steel and the hand-held part is composed of high-quality carbon fiber material, which ensure the lightweight and the enough intensity. Doctors can operate it with one hand by the original push mechanism, which helps them save time and leaves them more space to create.

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