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The light used in treatment has the ultra-wide spectrum, ranging from visible spectrum to near-infrared spectrum, which covers a variety of effective therapeutic spectrum segments. It can be applied to many fields such as chronic inflammation treatment, neovascularization and tissue regeneration, inflammatory pain treatment, athletic injury treatment and malignant diseases treatment. With the assistance of patent technology, it filters out the near-infrared spectrum B&C and parts of the spectrum A, which are easy to cause skin heat and burn. Meanwhile, it effectively improves the safety of current spectral therapy techniques. Owing to this, the therapeutic optical power can increase to hundreds of watts and the depth of penetration can be more than five centimeters under the skin, far beyond that of current phototherapy products. It works directly in the treatment of superficial diseases and can also be used to treat the deep lesion tissue in abdominal cavity and pelvic cavity.

The optical therapy has been widely applied to various disciplines in clinic and becomes the important treatment for its merits of high energy, low consumption, no pollution, good targetability and so on. Percutaneous noninvasive spectral therapy technology is a safe, noninvasive and healthy treatment, using the principles of photophysics, photochemistry, photomagnetism to have the effects on people in neurological intervention, immunomodulation and tissue repair and is expected to replace the medicine and traditional treatment to treat the clinical chronic diseases, immunological diseases and malignant diseases.

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Excellent Case
Precision Dental Jawbone Articulator ANDROID Precision Dental Jawbone Articulator ANDROID
AXSED医疗器械工业设计-Precision Dental Jawbone Articulator ANDROID
Surgical Navigation System VECTORVISION VECTORVISION Surgical Navigation System VECTORVISION
AXSED医疗器械工业设计-Surgical Navigation System VECTORVISION
Stacked Sterile Box for Tissue Stacked Sterile Box for Tissue
AXSED医疗器械工业设计-Stacked Sterile Box for Tissue
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