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Project Description

WISAP C3 is the gynecological medical device used in the treatment of cervical cancer and regarded as the safe and proactive treatment in the West. It is also especially designed for gynecological treatment in the Third World countries. The operation of the unique probe is supported by a 12V battery. The Thermo-Coagulator is very easy to use and provides security guarantee for Third World doctors to give rapid and intuitive treatment. Just as the norm formed by the usability engineering defines, what makes the design stand out is the shield with the innovative feature. When the probe is moved freely, the shield can prevent the burn by the heat, endowing the product excellent safety and operability, which also helps the product obtain a technical patent.

The product can be mainly divided into two parts. One is the head of probe with a heat source up to 100 degrees, which is used in the treatment by entering into human bodies. This head is composed of detachable modules, so it is convenient for daily clean and sterilization. Besides, its special structure design makes it fixed to the main body with no difficulty. The motion of heat source is designed in the specific chute in order to move without barrier.

The other is the distinctive ring-shaped handle. It is the result obtained by combining the best solution in security and the users best experience in thousands of usability evaluation with the functionality and quality compliance formed by ergonomic research. It is helpful to locate the probe and fix it firmly to this product. The product design and R&D go hand in hand with the design and evaluation of usability engineering during the whole process. At the same time, the design is considered to be technically innovative and maximizes the movement accuracy throughout the treatment.

The LED operation interface makes the man-machine feedback intuitive and intelligent through colorization and graphic ways, controlling the risk and improving the safety and stability. Meanwhile, considering the ambient light condition when using the product, its lighting source is designed to be with specific angle, which ensures the safety, accuracy of the operation process and avoids errors.

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